The following is a general outline of the steps that will be taken as we design and host (if you choose) your website.

  1. We will put together a general description of how you envision your website. This will give me a sense of the size of the site you need as well as any interactive functionality. We will then review your request together and discuss the goals of your project.

    Based on this discussion, I will draw up a proposal and provide a quote for the cost of the project.

  2. When the proposal is accepted I will submit to you a contract for the work, a formality, which will make our collaboration run smoothly. At the same time I will provide you with the payment schedule along with an invoice for 50% of the total cost. Work on your website will begin once payment is received and cleared.
  3. Two to three weeks after receiving your completed questionnaire I will present three or four rough drafts of the design and organization of your site for your comments. After receiving your comments and decision on the drafts, work on the entire site will move ahead.

    It will be during this period that you will provide the text and photographs (content) for the pages as needed. The text will be added and formatted on the pages and any other features that you requested, such as contact forms, will be developed. We can use stock photography for your site for a small extra charge if you are unable to provide photos.

  4. Upon completion of this stage, the site will be uploaded into a directory on my server on the web where we can test the functionality, ease of use, and ensure that is it working in all browsers (such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc).
  5. An invoice for the balance of the design fees will be submitted to you and upon payment, the site will be uploaded to a hosting server of your choice. Joyce Design provides hosting services at very reasonable rates.

Designing a web site can take from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the scope and complexity of the project. The process is accelerated if you have all of your text and photos ready before design begins.

I invite you to send me a description of your website needs. It is important to note that a web site is often the front door or window to your business. It is my pleasure to provide you with a “front door” that you can be proud of and that will draw customers inside.